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OSTINCITY. Seville 2021

On April 27th and 28th, the Osintcity Congress took place in Seville with the aim of providing law enforcement agencies, entrepreneurs, private detectives, journalists, and experts in the field of crime and corruption investigation with the methodology and use of intelligence [*INT] through new technologies and traditional methods.

SaveTheProof participated in Osintcity as an expert in the legally valid certification of web content and files. The digital evidence is obtained through SaveTheProof's platform through an easy process, offering all legal guarantees to the evidence.

SaveTheProof enables the capture of digital evidence while guaranteeing, as an independent third party, their content. SaveTheProof can attest to the content of any public or private webpage on the Internet and the content of any file.

To achieve this, we use legally recognized technology such as advanced electronic signatures and timestamping, which gives the evidence obtained through our platform a strong probative value.

Thank you to all the participants of the Osintcity Congress for their interest in our services and to Canal Sur for providing coverage to this prominent event.

Updated on: 04/01/2024

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