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How do I download the certification video from a browsing session?

After recording a web browsing session and certifying it on SaveTheProof, you will have access to the session video in the 'View my certifications' section of your account.

If you wish, you can share this video by providing the ID and password of the video to the interested party, who can access it through the following link:

ID and password to view the video recording of the web browsing session

However, if you need to download the video locally to your computer, you can do so from the Download Video button:

Another option is from the bottom right corner of the screen:

Click on the icon that shows three vertical dots:

To click on the three dots

Right-click and select Download:

To select Download

This way, you will have the web browsing session video available in the Downloads folder on your computer.

Updated on: 13/02/2024

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