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How can I check the commissions of my Membership Program?

If you have an active Membership Program on SaveTheProof, you will see the option My Affiliates activated in the left menu from your user profile, where you can view the status of your commissions.

From this section of My Affiliates, you have access to the options Codes and My earnings. Let's explain the information contained in each:

From Codes:

You can view the active code for your affiliates, the distribution of the 15%, including the user discount and promotion commission as established in the contract, and the start or activation date of the membership program.

From My earnings:

You will have a summary of the consumption of each registered user (identified with their email) using your affiliate code. You can view the details monthly by filtering by month, year, and clicking the Search button.

Or you can view the total commissions by choosing the total option, selecting the year, and clicking the Search button.

My Users: From where you can see the users who have registered with your Affiliate code.

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Updated on: 13/02/2024

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